Little Darlings teddy bears are designed and handmade by Annette Jason

Annette has a B. S. in Home Economics, majoring in Fashion merchandising, from the University of Massachusetts. She started making soft sculpture dolls in 1970 and gradually progressed to teddy bears. Somewhere along the years, the dolls were left behind and Annette concentrated on developing character and Victorian style teddy bears. She has participated in many invitational and juried art shows and has lectured on small business opportunities at places such as Kansas State University and Wichita State University. In 1994, Annette assisted her husband, David, with teaching marketing and presenting small business seminars for women in Poland.
Much of the initial inspiration for designs  came initially from the Smithsonian, where excellent historical records and images can be found on teddy bears. Collectors edition now extend from the standard Steiff bear into their more up to date contemporary collectors pieces such as Charlie bears, at well stocked sites such as theukgiftspecialist. Many jigsaw puzzles also use variations of teddy bear prints to promote their jigsaw puzzles. Yo can see qa superb range here
Government libraries also give excellent background on teddies.

Teddy bear convention

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Little Darlings teddy bears are on display at Frannie's Teddy Bear Museum, Naples, Florida and The Dancing Bear Folk Center, Thermopolis, Wyoming. St. Lucia was included in "An International Teddy Bear Christmas," a special holiday exhibit at The Toy and Miniature Museum of Kansas City. A teddy bear was included in "The Great Teddy Bear Connection," the first ever history of teddy bears on video cassette. In 1996, several bears were displayed at the Tokyo Trade Center in Japan and Superteddy was recently included in the exhibit "Bears For All Seasons" at the Wenham Museum, Wenham, Massachusetts.
Carol felt it was a great honor to be chosen to contribute a handmade teddy ornament for the White House Christmas tree to commemorate 1993 as the "Year of American Craft: A Celebration of the Creative Works of the Hand."
In 1999 Carol began to branch out and offer workshops on promotion and marketing for the small business owner. She has attended the National Small Stores Institute's workshop and has recieved her certification in this area.